Forgotten Domain

                  Forgotten Domain LARP


The Season is approaching!

-Handbook Update!

-Arrows 2 points of damage

-New currency system 

-New Armor System

-New Crafting System

-New Items

-Warrior tree fix/change

-Scout tree fix/change

-Relentless might change

-magic shield change

-Undead change

About Us

We are a fantasy live action role-playing game based in Syracuse, New York. Our events take place at Clay Park in Liverpool from 3pm to 6pm.

This is our main website where updates will be posted. Also the rules and everything you need to know will be right here. Don't forget to join us on Facebook at

Here is everything you need to know to play the Forgotten Domain LARP in the file below.

playershandbook2016 (2).rtf playershandbook2016 (2).rtf
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Our story begins with a wizard, a portal master more specifically who goes by the name Elrick Morrwen. Elrick has the ability to create portals out of magic that can bring people one place to another, even from one world to another. Because of this Elrick has traveled to all sorts of realms and dimensions. From Tamriel to Hyrule he met many interesting people and learned much about their worlds and cultures. Elrick wanted to make it so that everyone could experience the wonders of the different worlds. So he devised a portal that had never been attempted before. To create a portal that would join all worlds. He then proceeded to the grand council of wizards and proposed his idea. The council then branded him a fool and told him that the portal would be a death trap. Although disappointed he did not receive the permission from the council, he decided to build never the less, recruiting aspiring young mages and other independent magic users in his realm. After about twenty years the grand portal was finally complete, standing two stories tall, outlined in a smooth white stone covered in runes, and pulsating with a blue and purple hue. Once activated, the other portals started to appear in all of the other realms. Elrick decided that he would go first into the portal and to inform the other realms on what he had accomplished. He then set the portal to bring him to the province of Cyrodil in the realm of Tamriel so that he could tell their leader of his doing. But when he stepped through the portal he was in a completely foreign land. Elrick had never even seen this world before. He then came to realize that the portal he came through had vanished and that there was no way home. Elrick then figured out what he had done. He created a cross dimensional world in between all of the portals. That anyone who walked into any of the portals scattered throughout all of the different realms and worlds would be stuck in this cross portal land. It was a world of worlds, the realm of realms. It is the forgotten domain.

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